Atkinson truck cab tutorial

If you’ve followed the last few posts you’ll have seen various incarnations of my reusable truck chassis, and probably read the words “reusable truck chassis” more times than you’d care to remember. Sorry about that!

I’m currently in the middle of some big changes to my layout. Namely ripping out the old platform 1 and redeveloping the site to include some shops and more station facilities. It’s a big job and not the kind of thing I can just dip in and out of, so with motivation lacking a bit yesterday I decided to put together a mini photo tutorial for the trucks I’ve been making.

I’ve called this an Atkinson cab just because they share the same snubby nose, but the design isn’t meant to be an exact replica of anything in particular.

Atkinson ballast tractor. Image from wikipedia
Atkinson ballast tractor. Image from wikipedia

Of course it all comes down to personal preference, but I absolute love the styling of those trucks from the post-war era. Sure, modern contemporary designs may be functionally superior but in my opinion the chunky curves, bug eye headlights and big grilles are way more charming than anything on the road in the last 10-20 years - the features are almost pareidolic and ooze personality.

This tutorial will focus just on the cab, so you’re free to build the rest of the model as you see fit. The roof is not included, but again I’ll leave that to you to fill in the gaps! This is the cab-forward model with the steps in front of the wheel arches, but can fairly easily be converted to the more compact version.

The front bumper is just an example, and you can really change the personality of your model with just a few small tweaks. Check out my F1 Hauler, fire trucks and others for examples of different configurations.


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