Instructions - Drill Press

I’ve definitely been bitten by the bug. Until recently I’d written it off as being too fiddly and not really comparable to the “real” building experience, and while nothing will ever come close to the joy of finding that one piece you’ve been searching for for hours I must admit the overall experience of building digitally is generally more fun than finicky. In my defence, its been a few years since I played with LDD and its fair to say the tech has improved dramatically.

So the second machine shop tool I wanted to model was the drill press I made a couple of months back. It’s a bit more complex than the lathe, and requires you prise apart two of the minifig steering columns. They can put up a bit of resistance, but the hole wouldn’t be bar-sized if they weren’t meant to come off right? RIGHT?

Modelled here by our very own Train Guy
Modelled here by our very own Train Guy

The build is broken into a few smaller chunks, starting with the base, the main column, controls and finally the actual drill head. Once again you can view all the images inline below, or download the full PDF and parts list.

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