Instructions - Fire Truck Ladder 1

Something a little bit different today as I’ve taken a break from making machine tools. There’s still a few to come in that series, but I thought I’d set myself the challenge of digitising one of my fire truck models. This was made a few weeks ago, and is based on the reusable truck chassis I posted about recently (I will remake those instructions soon!)

This is the largest model I’ve built in so far, coming in at 474 parts and a shade over 120 steps. It features functional folding outriggers, a variety of hoses and equipment and of course, a giant telescoping ladder. It sits two minifigures side by side (with fire helmets!) and uses a few chrome pieces from the 5599-1 Radio Control Racer set from 2001.


Because of the limitations of the program, I wasn’t able to include the hoses on their reels but I’m sure you can fill in the blanks. The yellow nozzle pieces are only available attached to the string, and you can buy them fairly readily on Bricklink.

Step 31 calls for two of piece 711, the mythical 6x5 plate. Don’t worry if you don’t have any of them, it’s purely for aesthetics and you can simply replace with a 6x4 and a 6x1. Similarly, if you don’t have any of the RC car exclusive chrome pieces, there’s substitutes available. The lamp holders could be swapped for the modern bar with round 1x1 plate, for example.

As always, there’s an inline gallery of images below or you can download the full PDF here, and all my instructions are also now on Rebrickable. Cheers!

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