Instructions - Grocers Market Stall

I’ve recently started building a new section on my layout. It’s been planned for nearly a year but I’ve only just got round to starting it - clearing a load of old or unfinished models was half the battle! The centrepiece will be a big castle on a hill but there’s a lot of space around the base for some more buildings. I’ve also freed up three or four 32x32 plots for new modular buildings including the 2021 one release which is just a few months away now!

Anyway the first few things I’ve built to go into this new area are a series of market stalls which I’ll release these over the next couple of days starting with this fruit and veg stand. It’s quite a small build at just 82 pieces but I’m pretty please with the feel of it and it ands a nice splash of colour to an otherwise veeery grey area in my town.

The most expensive parts here are the 6.6l bar with stop ring in light bluish grey. You can simply replace them with a 6l bar instead of its more expensive big brother :)

You can grab the full PDF for this model, or view the steps inline below. And don’t forget I’m on Instagram and Rebrickable. Thanks!

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