Instructions - Newsagent Market Stall

The third market stall in this series is a little newsagent. Conveniently located near the train station it supplies the town’s citizens with news and caffiene (and the occasional umbrella!) in the mornings. As with my DJ booth, I had to fire up Part Designer to digitise this one as the popcorn box wasn’t available in I’ve put the file online if you need it along with the records, which you can grab here. The popcorn is 3005pb028.part

As with the previous models, you can swap out the 6.6l bar with stop ring for the shorter and cheaper 6l version. This one also uses the original Milky White Glow-in-the-Dark wand from Majisto’s magic shop (and a few other sets). Use whatever takes your fancy!

And as always you can either get the PDF instructions for this model, or you can just view the steps below. And don’t forget I’m on Instagram too where you can follow along with daily updates. Thanks!

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